Welcome to King Kamali

King Kamali is the 1999 NPC Heavyweight National Champion and new IFBB PRO. Standing at a height of 5’10″ , he competes at a body weight of approximately 245 pounds. He has jet black hair and brown eyes and was born in Tehran, Iran. He has a Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise Physiology from George Mason University and has the distinct honor of graduating in the top echelon of his class.

As a competitive bodybuilder he have been the featured guest poser and or honored speaker at several local, regional and National competitions where hisy distinctive one of a kind posing and knowledge of kinesiology and sports nutrition have been utilized. He truly loves the sport of bodybuilding and have spent many years training and studying to become an expert on this subject matter. Even through all of the ups and downs that comes with the iron sport, he has discovered that his enthusiasm has steadily increased the more involved he has become with this wonderful and brutal sport.

Chest: 58 inches
Arms: 21 inches
Waist: 32 inches
Quads: 30 inches
Best Body Part: Back
Nationality: Persian

Here you will find information about; sample pre contest and off season diets, supplements, training styles with detailed information on sets and reps, cardio, stretching, and recuperation methods.


Year Contest Name Category/Weight Class Official Weight Placing
1991 N.P.C. Virginia Cup Teenage Open 188 lbs 1st Overall
1994 N.P.C. Teens, Masters, Collegiate Nationals Collegiate/Light Heavyweight 198 lbs 1st Overall
1996 N.P.C. Men’s, Women’s, Mixed Pairs Nationals Men’s Heavyweight 232 lbs Tied for 10th
1997 N.P.C Golds’ Gym Classic Men’s Heavyweight 248 lbs 1st Overall
1997 N.P.C. Men’s, Women’s, Mixed Pairs, Fitness Nationals Men’s Heavyweight 242 lbs Tied for 7th
1998 N.P.C. Men’s, Women’s, Mixed Pairs, Fitness Nationals Men’s Heavyweight 220 lbs 3rd Place
1999 N.P.C. Men’s, Women’s, Mixed Pairs, Fitness Nationals Men’s Heavyweight 220 lbs 1st Place
2001 IFBB IRONMAN PRO INVITATIONAL Professional 242 lbs 3rd Place
2001 Arnold Schwarzenneger Classic Professional 244 lbs 4th Place
2001 Mr. Olympia Professional 248 lbs 10th Place
2002 Mr. Olympia Professional 238 lbs 17th Place
2002 GNC Show of Strength Professional 255 lbs 11th Place
2003 Night of Champions Professional 251 lbs 4th(?!) Place
2004 Arnold Classic Professional 231 lbs 8th
2004 Australia Pro Professional 257 lbs 5th
2005 Ironman Pro Invitational Professional 255 lbs 5th
2005 Arnold Classic Professional 248 lbs 11th
2005 San Fran Pro Professional 260 lbs 12th Place
2006 NY Pro Professional 257 lbs 6th Place
2006 Europa Super Show Professional 260 lbs 11th Place
2006 Montreal Pro Classic Professional 268 lbs 8th Place
2006 Atlantic City Pro Professional 245 lbs 5th Place
2007 Montreal Pro Classic Professional 268 lbs 8th Place
2007 NY Pro Professional 238 lbs 9th Place
2008 Ironman Pro Invitational Professional Best Posing Winner 10th Place


King_KamaliKing Kamali started lifting weights around 1986, his sophomore year in High School. He wanted to strengthen up for gymnastics and also look good for the girls (it worked on both aspects). HeI was always a fan of bodybuilding from day one and was fascinated with the muscular look. It was mind blowing to see how massive the pro’s were. To him it was an impossible dream to even come close to these super humans, so as a result his first two years of weight training were not taken seriously. He drank a lot of beer, partied every night of the week, did not follow any type of diet, and his training was off and on. Even with all of these negative influences his body was responding to the weights. He just kept getting bigger and better every month. So, when he graduated from High School, he decided to join the local gym, IRONWORKS. Here is where he met his mentor, Mr. DC James Bryant. This man pulled him aside and took him under his wing. He showed him how to train properly, eat correctly and stop all of the partying he was so accustomed to. He gave him confidence, not just in bodybuilding but life as a whole. He was now ready to compete.

So He started my journey to the Pro ranks. He knew deep down in my heart that if I gave 100% to the sport, he would one day achieve my dream of becoming a professional bodybuilder. In a span of 10 years as an amateur competitor, he overcame many obstacles: injuries, full time college schedule, disapproving parents, insane girlfriends, lack of funds and sponsors, and last but not least the constant barrage of doubters who found it necessary to remind me everyday that I would fail and had no chance of becoming anything in this sport. But the interesting thing is that these idiots who constantly put him down did not realize that the more they hounded me the more dedicated he got. These morons kept adding fuel to my fire; every time they opened their mouth, he just kept getting bigger and better. Well to make a long story short they all walk around with their heads down every time they see him and most have done nothing with their lives. It goes to prove the old saying : “What goes around comes around”, and did it ever!

Now that he has achieved pro status in the IFBB, it’s time to go back into the oven and come back and shock the world. Competitively , he will take the 2000 season off . In his mind he’s not ready to compete as a pro yet. You see, he don’t like losing, and second place sucks! He wants to win, and both himself and hisy good friend and trainer Mr. Chad Nicholls have put together a master plan for 2001. They are going to stun a lot of people with a crazy freaky package of symmetry, muscularity, and out of this world posing. The next time he steps on a competitive stage, he will be a nasty 250+ pounds ripped beyond comparison. It’s time to chop some heads in the IFBB and I am coming for every single on of them!